September Highlights: Interview with Cat & Aby (Push It) Wednesday 7 September


If you haven’t been to Push It, you’re missing out. Every month the club night takes over both floors or Stereo and packs out the venue with people letting loose to the hottest female hip hop and R’n’B. We spoke to the girls to find out what the chat is with one of Glasgow’s favourite nights.

What can we expect from the night in terms of music?

Aby: We play r&b, hip-hop and pop entirely from female artists, you can hear a few male artists but only when they take a back seat featuring role. We play both current tracks alongside long-time loves and total classics.

Cat: Loadsa’ Bey, loadsa’ Britney, loadsa’ fun.

Why did you start the night?

A: We started Push It to have as much fun as humanly possible. We both love the Glasgow clubbing scene but at the time, didn’t really feel there was any clubnights that we could call home and feel totally safe to get MWI. We started Push It as a venture between two pals who wanted to create more space to dance to Beyonce, basically without the fear of letchy dudes.

C: Yeah, basically we wanted a space for people to listen to really sexy music, feel sexy but not be harassed for being themselves. We also wanted to create a night for LGBTQ+ folk to feel safe  and listen to this kinda’ music outwith venues on the scene.

What sorta’ vibe are you trying to create?

A: We’re mega passionate about Push It being a safe space, we have a zero tolerance policy to any kind of prejudice.

C: A vibe that says people can have the best time and not have to worry about being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable.

Floor filler?

A: New big hits are usually guaranteed floor fillers as it’s what the crowd are listening to at that time. We held a Beyonce’s Lemonade inspired night recently called Hold Up and that was one of our biggest and bestest. But there are total classics that the crowd always respond to really well, like a lot of Destiny’s Child, TLC, J.LO, Kelis…
Push It is also great because there’s songs we play that you’d expect to totally fail but actually everyone loves guiltily. We’ve played complete ballads before past 2am that have been a roaring success like Aby’s favourite I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, people genuinely get their lighters out and for a moment they merge souls with Britney.

C: Toxic!!!!! And any Nicki Minaj

Floor killer?

A: The best floor killer and ‘oh s**t’ moment that we’ve had was when we decided to play Shakira’s Wherever, Whenever which is a total tune and usually goes down a storm. However, this time we had accidentally cued an instrumental version that we somehow had the file for and for a good 30 seconds we were just waiting for the vocals to kick in. They never did.

C: That was so funny, everyone just sang the words anyway. The same happened with Lady Gaga’s Judas. We have such a great crowd though, nobody judges.

How long has the night been running?

A: 2 years, which is totally crazy. Our spontaneous decision to make Push It happen was a totally great one and we really hope it continues to be as successful with as many people having a wicked time.

What do you plan for he future?

C: Collabs, special guests, maybe some ventures in other cities, whatever we can get away with!

Push It’s next event will be paying homage to all the fine ladies of R’n’B. Check out the event here:
And have a wee listen to a special edition mix here: