September Highlights: Interview with Dom & Butsay (Hullabaloo) Monday 5 September


Hullabaloo have been wreaking havoc in the basement for quite some time. With a heady yet skilfully blended mix of all things electronic as well as reverence for the classics, Dom and Butsay know how to hold it down. We had a chat with them about the night and the future.

What can we expect from the night in terms of music?

A kind of eclectic mix, we never want to feel constrained by genre or anything like that but I guess it’s mostly house & techno

What sorta’ vibe are you trying to create?

I guess we just throw a big stupid party, not really one for the technopolis as much as I’d love that kind of t shirt techno bro to come down and glare at me for playing abba I doubt they’d have fun.

What nights are you inspired by?

iAM and Optimo

Floor filler?

I’m really enjoying playing The Trouble With Me – Black Legend just now. It’s from like 15 years ago but it was such a massive tune then and it went out of vogue for a while.

Floor killer?

Hahaha I played this weird instrumental intro thing at like 1am at the last Hullabaloo and everyone went for a fag.

How long has the night been running?

2 years this November, the one this Friday is our 19th party in stereo

What do you plan for he future?

Confetti and Disco Balls. Everywhere. Promise we’ll help clean up.

Hullabaloo will be holding a very special party dedicated to yer’ nan’s favourite band Abba. Have a wee listen to their Soundcloud in the meantime